Active Cartilage Repair Supplement


Glucosamine-Based Joint Pain Relief and Cartilage Producing Supplement

The Active Cartilage Repair Supplement which is naturally extracted from marine life (shellfish) supports active lifestyles and relieves pain in the soft tissue, the temporomandibular jaw joint, as well as pain caused by osteoarthritis and arthritis. The Active Cartilage Repair Supplement helps the body to produce needed cartilage and it is also great for athletes to use.

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Newgate’s Active Cartilage RepairSupplement helps to replenish the amino sugars that are found in the body and also helps to relieve pain from arthritis, osteoarthritis, pain in the soft tissue and the temporomandibular jaw joint.

Glucosamine is a compound that is found in the fluid that surrounds the joints and is inside of the bones. Glucosamine plays an important role in the body’s production of cartilage. 

This supplement is designed to complement an active lifestyle and boost energy.

REMEMBER: Food supplements do not substitute for regular healthy meals, nor physical activity. Although this supplement has a recognisable and safe effect on the body, we recommend that you maintain a healthy lifestyle for your overall wellbeing.

Additional information

 – Not suitable for *vegans

– Not suitable for **vegetarians

– Not suitable for people allergic to shellfish

– Animal Cruelty-Free

– Made in the United Kingdom

-Take 1 tablet daily with water, do not exceed the stated dose

* Vegan: Vegetarians who avoid all animal and animal-derived products

**Vegetarian: someone who does not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or by-products of animal slaughter


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